Success Is Nothing But Satisfaction. Review your life ,Success Is Not Beyond Your Access

Actually success is nothing but satisfaction.

We all have different nature. So our satisfaction criteria vary from person to person. We cannot measure satisfaction at the same scale.

Indeed our satisfaction level decides what we have.

We all have short and counted days under the heaven. So we should make plan according to our uncertainty and short life.

No doubt, we all have to struggle for our basic needs and consume our time to get them but all we have extended our struggle to materialize our desires and wishes which never end because they end with the end of our life.

Then why we are consuming our days in such a way. Why are we not getting out of this hectic race?Why are we boosting up our material world after snatching the peace of mind?

Indeed, every one need an ideology of life according to his nature to lead balanced and peaceful life.

Ideology needs proper plan of your professional life, social life, household life, and economical life.

You do not need only wealth, fame, status and ranks.

There must be a specific scale to maintain your life with satisfaction because problems never end and they end with the end of our life.

Review our life. Success is nor beyond our access. Success can be achieved at every level in all situation depending upon your mental approach.

Plan to discipline your life and get success because no one is free of care.

If our achievements, riches and status are multiplying with dissatisfaction, then this success is waste is waste.



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